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Teeth Whitening: What You Need to Know

Sparking, pearly whites—we all know people who have a brilliantly white smile. Maybe you’re one of those people; maybe not. If you’re not, you may be wondering how white teeth are achieved. Could it be whitening toothpastes, strips, or treatments?

When it comes to teeth whitening, several strategies exist and everyone takes a different approach. So, what approaches can you take?

#1 Whitening Toothpaste – Does it Work?

If you stroll down the toothpaste isle at any store you’ll notice tons and tons of toothpastes advertising “whitening.” It almost seems too good to be true, and some times it is.

Here’s what you need to know about whitening toothpastes: they do work, just a minimal amount. All toothpastes have a mild abrasive to scrape away food and drink stains. But whitening toothpastes do contain chemicals like sodium tripolyphosphate—fancy term for a chemical that enhances whitening.

These toothpastes do not contain peroxide or bleach, which strips and gels typically have. However, whitening toothpastes are the cheapest approach to achieving a white, white smile. Just select one with American Dental Association (ADA) approval.


#2 What About the Talk of Strips & Gels

You’ve probably seen them in stores and heard people talk of whitening strips and gels. Do they really work? Or are companies just selling an expensive product?

Strips and gels are definitely a step above whitening toothpastes because they include ingredients like peroxide and bleach to whiten teeth more so than scrape away stains. Both are proven to enhance the look of teeth for several months.

They both work the same by applying gel to teeth, improving the topical look of your teeth. They aren’t always proven to whiten grooves, nooks and crannies in your teeth, but whose teeth are absolutely perfect?

For a higher price than toothpastes, but considerably less than actual whitening treatments, these are the best choice for a superb, white look that lasts several months. Read some reviews and see which ones will work the best for you.

#3 In-Office Whitening Treatment 

You want to achieve the most white and have it last the longest possible—you need professional whitening. The good news is we, here at Valleydale Dental, provide whitening treatments!

With professional whitening, you receive high-grade, professional quality whitening products for your teeth. You can’t find these over-the-counter at a store. These treatments are also conducted in-house by our pro, Dr. Gentry Gonzalez.

In-office treatments provide the greatest results and last the longest. Of course, the whitening will not last forever, but it will last the longest compared to using over-the-counter products. So, if you’re willing to spend a bit extra, you can achieve greater results that last much longer.

And one final tip while we’re on the topic of whitening. You can avoid harmful stains by either not consuming staining drinks, such as coffee, soda and wine, or by rinsing your mouth thoroughly after consuming.

If you’re interested in whitening treatment, we’ve got options for you. To discuss, either stop by our office or pick up your phone and call: 205.991.7797