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n 2003, Dr. Gonzalez created Valleydale Dental Associates to provide premier dental care in a comfortable setting for the entire family.

Meet Dr. Gonzalez

Upon graduating dental school in 1997, Dr. Gentry Gonzalez entered the United States Army.


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Same-Day Crowns With Cerec

We can make a crown and fit it the same day as your first visit and get you on your way without additional visits. That means you don’t need a temporary crown and you save time throughout the whole process.

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Better Communication is Key to Overall Oral Health

We all know how hard it is to talk when there’s dental equipment in our mouths. In spite of that, dentists still try to talk to you during procedures. Why is that? Nobody knows. But according to one recent study: better communication between you and your dentist may be the secret key to good dental…


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Beyond Tooth Decay – Why Good Dental Hygiene Is Important

When you ask people why they brush their teeth, they’ll typically say things like, “I don’t want bad breath” or “I want healthy teeth.” We all know that poor dental hygiene leads to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. But tooth decay has been linked to a surprising range of other health conditions. Alzheimer’s…


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Tooth Loss in Seniors Could Indicate Mental and Physical Decline

New research shows that tooth loss is linked to mental and physical decline in seniors. As a result, doctors are starting to use tooth loss as a potential early marker of decline in older age. The study was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society and was led by a team from University…