Birmingham AL dentist

Located in Birmingham, AL, on Valleydale Road between I-65 and Highway 280. Our dentist office is easy to access for most of the southern metro.

Why Our Birmingham Dental Office?

We provide comfort, skill and advanced technology to make your dental care even better. Comfort because we understand going to the dentist isn’t assumed to be enjoyable. Enjoy a private TV in each patient room along with a caring staff ready to help you in any way.

Skill in our dental care because you need and deserve a dentist who knows exactly what they are doing and how to make the best decision for your health each time. Dr. Gonzalez is extremely skilled and always increasing his education and knowledge so he can serve his patients in Birmingham even better.

Advanced technology is a must because we want our dental care to be better than others’, which is why we invest in cutting-edge technology. Specifically, we’ve invested in a Cerec machine that allows us to create crowns within our Birmingham office and not send impressions to a lab. This is a time saver for all of our patients. We provide same-day crowns – try to find another dentist office in Birmingham that offers same-day crowns. It’s nearly impossible.