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Dr. Gonzalez provides some of the best restorative dentistry in Birmingham, AL due to his experience and in-house technology. Valleydale Dental boasts some key pieces of equipment that other dentist offices in Birmingham don’t have.

In particular, Dr. Gonzalez has a Cerec machine in the office, which provides you with the luxury of same-day crowns. At other dentist offices, you first need a temporary crown and then return at another time for permanent crown. This is not the case at Valleydale Dental. You can get your permanent crown in one appointment because Dr. Gonzalez can create the crown using the Cerec machine.

Cerec Makes Crowns & Root Canal Therapy Easier:

Crowns and root canal therapy are now a breeze with Cerec. You shouldn’t fear getting a crown or root canal at Valleydale Dental in Birmingham. The process only takes between 60 and 90 minutes for Dr. Gonzalez to digitally take impressions of your tooth, provide root canal therapy (if needed), create the crown and then fit it perfectly.

The benefits are amazing: 

  • Less time at the dentist office because you only need one appointment for everything. Keep your schedule in-tact without several disruptive appointments.
  • No more teeth impressions with nasty goop. No one liked have impressions made, but now Dr. Gonzalez can do it all digitally without the nasty goop in your mouth.
  • Since the Cerec machine is in our Birmingham dental office, we can guarantee a perfect fit for your crown. Since we don’t send the impressions to a lab, Dr. Gonzalez can make sure it fits the right way without the need for adjustments in the future.
  • Less worrying about the process because now it’s much simpler and quicker. Don’t fear the dentist because Dr. Gonzalez makes it a breeze.

More Restorative Dental Procedures in Birmingham Office:

Along with crowns and root canal therapy, we can also provide you with several other restorative dental procedures:

  • Oral surgery & extractions – we can extract teeth and provide oral surgery for teeth that need to be removed, to provide you with a better and healthier smile.
  • Implants – if you need a tooth implanted, or several teeth, we can do just that from the comfort of our office. You don’t have to go to several locations for general dentistry and then implants. We handle it all at our Birmingham dental office.
  • Dentures – as you age and you need dentures, we can provide the exact fit and solution you need.
  • Night guards – if you grind your teeth at night, we can eliminate the habit and pain you’re experiencing by using a night guard. Dr. Gonzalez can create and fit one perfectly for you.