Valleydale Dental

Led By Birmingham Dentist - Dr. Gentry Gonzalez

Welcome to Valleydale Dental Associates, a reputable dental group led by Dr. Gentry Gonzalez in the Birmingham area, caring for the entire family. We are an experienced and pleasant group of dental professionals who want to see our patients succeed with their dental and overall health.

We also want to make dental hygiene easier for you by offering the services you need all in one place. Our location is a complete dental office for cosmetic, preventative and restorative dentistry.

Complete Dental Services
We have so much to offer you in one Birmingham dentist office. We provide everything you need from cosmetic procedures to restorative dentistry to preventative hygiene. Not only do we offer so many dental procedures, but our team makes your visit comfortable and enjoyable from start to finish. Learn more about dental services
Cosmetic Dental Services
Providing all of the cosmetic dentistry procedures you need in one Birmingham dental office. We can handle everything from porcelain veneers to teeth whitening and skin enhancement treatments. Dr. Gonzalez is a true cosmetic dentist and uses some of the latest technology to make everything look great and fit perfectly. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry
Restorative Dental Services
One benefit of coming here to Valleydale Dental is our Cerec machine. This machine allows Dr. Gonzalez to digitally image and recreate a tooth with a porcelain crown, all in one visit. Within an hour, a root canal can be completed and permanent crown fitted. Our restorative dentistry is truly unlike any other in Birmingham. Learn more about our restorative dentistry

Time efficiency, comfort, complete service and dedication to the entire family are just a few of our guarantees. We know visiting the dentist is not considered a pleasurable experience, but we do everything possible to make your visit comfortable and efficient for your schedule.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us with any questions or inquiries you have. We hope to make dental hygiene a great pleasure in the Birmingham metro.