Nestled in the Birmingham, AL metro, Dr. Gentry Gonzalez and his team provide the entire metro area with significant dental care and service. We are committed to our patients, honoring their time, creating a comfortable atmosphere, caring for the entire family and providing numerous services all at one location.

Time Efficiency:

Your time is precious and we want to save you as much time as we can. We make sure to schedule appointments with enough time between, to open space for the next patient and minimize waiting time upon visit. Since you’re taking time from your regular day for a visit, we want to make sure the process is speedy, yet you have our undivided attention. Walk in, receive immediate care and walk out smiling with clean teeth.

Entire Family:

Our office is a one-stop location for your entire family. You do not have to take your children to a pediatric dentist while you visit another dentist. We care for both the youngest in the family along with the oldest. Schedule appointments for both yourself and your children and receive dental care in one visit without the hassle of jumping from place to place.


We know, visiting the dentist is not known to be a comfortable experience. However, we devote our efforts and resources to guaranteeing a comfortable office for all patients. You’ll find a television in every room to ease your mind during the visit and allow you to catch up on your favorite programs. Dr. Gentry Gonzalez is extremely gentle and understanding that you might be apprehensive about dental cleaning or treatment. Our entire staff will make the entire experience as comfortable as possible for you and your family. Just let us know if you need additional accommodations, as we want to guarantee a great experience every visit.

Services at One Place:

We offer nearly every dental service available and all are offered at one location in Birmingham. Whether you need routine cleaning, root canal therapy, teeth whitening or dentures, we can guarantee service at one place and with as few visits as possible, saving you time and money. Why go to multiple dentists for multiple procedures? We make it easy by providing everything you need at one place with the same great staff.