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Non-Profit Dental Clinic Opens for Operation in Colorado

Birmingham AL dentistDental clinics aren’t known for being cheap.

But one dental clinic in Longmont, Colorado is trying to change that perception: Longmont’s Dental Aid clinic is currently offering dental services for free.

Dental Aid partnered with an American Dental Association program called Give Kids a Smile, which aims to provide dental care to underprivileged children across America.

A recent Denver Post article followed the story of local eight-year old Jessica, who started third grade this past September. Jessica’s mother began searching for affordably-priced dental care in her local area when she read about the Give Kids a Smile program. Jessica’s mother was pleased to learn the nearest affiliated clinic was just a five minute drive away.

The first visit to Dental Aid revealed “quite a few cavities” according to clinic dentist Wayne Franz.

Cavities are a problem at any age, but they’re especially problematic for young children. Early childhood cavities are known as caries, and they can lead to severe dental problems as the child ages:

“One-third of all 3-year-olds, from all socioeconomic levels, have cavities, but the patients we see at Dental Aid don’t have the access to dental care that privately insured patients have,” says Darby Barfield, a pediatric dentist who works at a Dental Aid clinic in Louisville.

“So by the time these kids see us, often the problem is severe. They may need extractions. They may have abscesses.”

In Jessica’s case, dentist Wayne Franz was able to extract six teeth over several visits to the clinic. Another tooth needed to be filled, and a recently-emerged adult tooth had to be coated with a cary-discouraging sealant.

All of Jessica’s adult teeth will need to be coated with that same sealant as they emerge, which means she’ll require a few more visits to the dental clinic.

The total cost for treatment? $0.

Dental Aid offers free dental services across the country to underprivileged children and adults. Patients typically come from families who cannot afford health or dental insurance. Approximately half of Dental Aid’s patients are under the age of 17.

Three Dental Aid Clinics Across Boulder and Broomfield Counties

Dental Aid was founded in 1974 with the goal of providing “accessible and affordable” dental care to low-income and uninsured residents of Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Today, there are three Dental Aid clinics across Colorado, including locations in Longmont, Boulder, and Louisville, Colorado.

There is also a satellite clinic located in the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. In some cases, Dental Aid dentists will leave the clinic and use portable dental equipment to service patients in long-term care facilities.

Dental Aid was the first non-profit comprehensive dental clinic in the United States. Today, Dental Aid provides high-quality oral health care to over 8,000 children and adults every year.

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